We are now at the AOK Rv park in St Joseph Mo., just a little above Kansas City. Drove 196 miles today to get here. Turning onto the road to the park it was dirt and stone, this isn’t the road we said, so we turned around and parked to call them. Sure enough you drive 1/2 mile down a dirt ,stone actual rural road to get here, but this is not a bad park. Tomorrow we drive to Sioux Falls South Dakota. Pictures below of site.

3 thoughts on “ST JOSEPH MISSOURI

  1. Bill McHenry

    I agree with your thought process. As soon as I turn down a dirt road I start to worry. Thank goodness you had cell phone service. The last thing I want to do is back all the way back down a dirt road because I can’t turn around. Boy you two are making tracks. Seems like every day you are in a new place

  2. We’ve visited sites where you turn into the entrance and see nothing but potholes and stone paths as the driveway. Definitely makes you wonder if you are on the right road and makes you question continuing on. Happy trails

  3. Sandy

    Google really needs to improve and mark dirt roads on their maps! We’ve found some sketchy places too. Hope the site came with a free wash! Haha

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