We are now at the Gogi Bear Campground near Sioux Falls South Dakota. YES, we are finally here, after two years of delays, we are out West. Drove 358 miles today, the most ever. It was a hard day of driving, at first not bad, got into Iowa, and I-29 north was closed for construction. Detour went 35 miles around, then back tracked a ways ,then put us on two small service roads. WHAT, it was not marked well, glad it wasn’t real busy, still watching semi’s and Rv’s like me making turns was pretty nerve racking. Whoever thought of this was nuts, they even had state troopers, in the area watching for speeders. Iowa, never again. In total about 75 miles in detours, insane. Then the wind picked up about 40 mph or so, driving right into it, I had a hard time keeping 60mph. Going north into South Dakota was a little better, but was over 7 hours driving for me , i’m tired and cranky. However a few drinks later I am fine. Be here a few days.

Our spot


  1. Whew. Sounds exhausting. fortunately you guys are pros at setting up and packing up camp so it doesn’t take long to get that jack and ginger in your hand
    Relax and enjoy

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