We’re at Elephant Butte State Park Campground in N.M.

We’ve been here since Friday and it’s been a good place to be.

Our site and surroundings

Taking our walk to the beach . . .

We pass these flowering bushes that smell very nice . . .

We ventured out to check out a near by town Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. I wouldn’t want to have to write that as my address, it’s kind of long.

Check out this stone, rock fence. Nice isn’t it?

It’s not raining on my side of the street !?!

We then went to check out The Elephant Butte Dam Overlook.

Construction of Elephant Butte Dam began in 1911 and was completed on 1916.  The dam was built to provide flood control and irrigation down-river.  Upon completion, Elephant Butte Dam was reported to be the largest irrigation enterprise in the United States. The largest body of water in New Mexico was also created by the construction of this Dam and also the state’s biggest park.

The Dam & Park got it’s name from the elephant shaped rock formation.

Checking out the dam and where our campsite is by the Rio Grande. We had a great weekend at Elephant Butte State Park.

2 thoughts on “We’re at Elephant Butte State Park Campground in N.M.

  1. Sandy

    Nice pics. Appreciate seeing truth or consequences photos! Water levels are very low there too! But nice scenery in that area.

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