We are enjoying our stay at Leasburg Dam State Park . . .

located on the Rio Grande in New Mexico

It’s been a peaceful and relaxing stay, hiking the trails, admiring the different plants, especially the cactus and just chillin.

We are at site 20 in Cactus Patch

A huge space at the end, with a concrete pad that the Fiver fits on!

Now you gotta admit that looks like a friendly animal.

Our first night we got treated with a double rainbow

The Leasburg Dam was completed in 1908. Not to create a storage reservoir, but to divert water from the Rio Grande into a canal. From this canal, ditches delivered water to the communities of Dona Ana, Las Cruces and Mesilla. It’s barely running now but in the Spring from what we hear both the dam and the canal are flowing.

Our walkabouts in the park

I wanted to add pictures of how the park looks when it’s Spring and the water is running. The first picture was taken in 1919. This is when you get your inner tube or mattress and take off!

The Visitor Center

How about a cactus garden

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