New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum

The New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is a 47-acre interactive museum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We met a fellow RVer in our travels and he said to stop there, we would enjoy it, and we did.

The Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum is a good experience for anyone who want to learn more about the region’s rich agricultural history that dates back an impressive 3,000 years.

Volunteer Dave was demonstrating how to make hooks from a steel rod. It was interesting to learn how it was done and at the end we got to keep the hook.

Dave’s grandparents in Pennsylvania had a huge farm, his mother grew up on the farm, she was one of twelve children. Dave remembers going there when he was little and seeing all this kind of farming equipment all over the farm. His poor mom even got caught in a a thresher when she was little, Oouuch!

What’s an old farm without an old pickup truck on the property somewhere?

Some of what’s inside the building

The White Sands Missile Test Center Museum located in the White Sands Missile Range near here, has been closed, so we were glad we got to see the section of this museum that told about the happenings when WWII broke out.

I’m glad they came over to our side.

They definitely had a lot of information about The Missile Range and I even left a lot out.

What a store looked like in the 1900s

The Kitchen

The museum offers a learning environment for both young and old and there are examples and explanations of dairy farming in the area, as well as demonstrations of local farming and cooking techniques such as cows being milked by hand. They even have rodeos at different times. We didn’t get a chance to see those things but I’m glad we saw what we did.

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