We visited a bit of the downtown area of Tucson. We checked out the Southern Arizona Heritage and Visitor Center. The visitor center was relocated to the Historic Pima County Courthouse in downtown Tucson in 2020.

The Historic Courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places and the “most outstanding Spanish Colonial Revival building in Arizona” with its “elegant blue-tiled dome.”  Currently, it’s home for Pima County Attractions & Tourism, Pima County Administration,  The Southern Arizona Heritage and Visitor Center and the University of Arizona Alfie Norville Gem and Mineral Museum. The  Courthouse is famous because of America’s Public Enemy No.1 John Dillinger. In 1934, the bank-robbing celebrity gangster was captured in Tucson and held in the facility along with three of his gang members. You now go inside the courtroom as it has been preserved and rehabilitated to the 1930’s Dillinger days. We’ll have to go back and see that for sure.

The Wall was originally at this spot and a very small section of it is once again.

We walked over to The Southern Arizona Transportation/Railroad Museum

Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday were there too! Actually, The Tucson Train Depot is where Frank Stilwell, suspected in the murder of Morgan Earp, was killed by Wyatt Earp with Doc Holliday by his side.

He was showing us how one of these operates.

The campground we’re staying at is close to “THE LOOP”

The Loop is a system of shared-use paths in metropolitan Tucson, Arizona.   Approximately 137 miles of paved pathways and bike lanes have already been completed with additional trails to come. It’s a nice place to walk with Cooper.

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