WOW, Is all I can say, we have been to a lot of air museum’s but this one takes the cake. Just huge, 5 massive building filled with planes and 80 acres of outdoor plane displays. Spent 5 hours there, and that wasn’t enough, will more than likely go back. saw planes I have never seen before, the B-52, B-24, B-29 ,saw a F-14 tomcat like in the movie Top Gun, that was cool. Many , many other’s but just an amazing sight. The B-17, and the large building it was in, was neat because it was in the 390th bomb group, of the famous 8th air force during the war. The place was a great tribute to all the men, and yes some women who served, and sacrificed during the war. Walking beneath the wings of these giant machines was a unique experience.

Are you serious! . . .I’m going in there?!

The men decorated their jackets with squadron patches, nose art, slogans and bombs, which represented the number of missions they flew.

4 thoughts on “PIMA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM

  1. Sandy

    Bill had to cancel his visit due to covid in 2020. Maybe he’ll get there in the future. This post will definitely temp him. 😁

  2. Bill McHenry

    Looks like a great museum. Did you take the airplane graveyard bus tour? In had reservations and received the necessary clearance but never got to go as everything shutdown for covid. I would hate to be one of those gunners in the glass turret in the bombers with 14% chance of surviving. Dave did you ever get in? If so, did you out or are you still stuck in the turret😄. You should also check out Wright Patterson Air Base in Dayton Ohio if you have never been. Worth the trip

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