Wow, is right, the last two weeks have been a blur. A few weeks ago, Wednesday, Melissa got up in the middle of the night and threw up. Yep, the fle bug hit, lasted pretty bad for two days, putting her right down in the dumps. That’s why we stayed one day later at Crazy Horse. By the time we left for Karthchner Caverns, she was feeling a tad better. As for me I felt fine, that was about to change. That Saturday evening I got it, it hit me just as hard, for two days Melissa took care of me, still not feeling that well. For the rest of the week, we both felt like we were totally exhausted, stressed, dehydrated, not sleeping and all that. What the heck happened. Last Friday we arrived here at Catalinia State park, We have now been here four days, and just today we both feel a little better, Melissa has gotten a good night sleep. We still just don’t feel right ,though. Not sleeping sucks, it wears you down and your mind thinks of the craziest stuff. Hopefully in the next few days this will be behind us. I have not ruled out that we maybe had Covid, as it lasts about two weeks, but who knows. For now where has all the time gone, I know right down the toilet. Ha,Ha


  1. Sandy

    Oh no! So glad to hear you have survived and are getting stronger, doesn’t sound like a fun time. At. All. Take care of yourselves!!!! You both need a few days of something really fantastic to truly recover though. You both deserve it! I’m wondering if you had the vaccine and it didn’t work though! Thanks for the warning this year’s flu is nothing to mess with.

  2. Yikes … sorry you both are still not feeling well. Sounds horrible. Just take it easy and slow. Hydration and sleep are the best things for you. Just lay there and think bout how great it is not to be in Buffalo under 6 feet of snow.

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