Today I drove 30 miles to Voyager Rv park, which is in South Tucson. This is a 55 and older park, 600 Rv spots, and 1100 park models. This is a true resort, many many things going on. We have a nice pull thru site.

This however is the hardest post I have ever had to make. I had to make this trip by myself , Cooper is at a day care back in Oro valley, and Melissa sad to say is in the Hospital in Oro valley. Wednesday afternoon I had to take her to the Hospital, she was very confused, agitated, and lost, with manic episodes. In the ER they did blood work, and again for the second time in three weeks her INR level, from her blood thinners was in the dangerous level, an INR of about 3 is normal she was in the high 8 range, which means your blood is like water. They also did a cat scan for any brain bleeding, which thankfully was not. They then finally gave here a plasma treatment, which only contains your white blood cells, a few hours later her INR was back down to 3 or so, so that was good. We spent the entire nigh of Wednesday and all of Thursday morning waiting, they really did nothing, which made her even more agitated. They did finally give her a sedative which helped. All the while they were looking to get her in a room upstairs, in the Behavioral unit. This way they can see what is up. Finally about two they got a room, she really did not want to go, but, there for sure is something going on. This is the second time after getting that bad flu, early last month, that her INR level has spiked. Whats interesting is after the first spike we cut out her blood thinner and in a few days she felt normal, we even had her blood work done Monday and the INR was at 3.5, but by Wednesday un Benoist to us at the time it went way up to over 8 again. Just in two days, so something is going on.

So, she may be there a few days or it could be a week or more, so they can see what is happening. It was the hardest thing I have had to do, was sign her in, but it is for the best. If all of our friends and family could say a prayer for her, she would really appreciate it. If anyone wants to call me, please do. In a few days she will be able to receive phone calls, so let me know and I can give you the number.

Our spot below.

4 thoughts on “VOYAGER RV PARK

  1. Nancy Hofstetter

    Dave we are so sorry to hear this. If there is anything we can do for you or Melissa please let us know. You are both in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Eric and Kathleen

    Sending all our love and good vibes. What a horrible experience. We’re so sorry to hear this, and remaining hopeful that Melissa receives the help she needs. You both are in our thoughts. Keep mike posted.

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