Arizona’s Changing Phases

Dave & I went to both Mt. Lemon and Sabino Canyon in the Beginning of November when the temperature was in the 80s.

My sister Jennifer and her husband Doug came to visit at the end of January. Everyone is telling us that January has been 10 degrees colder than normal. The first part of their visit it was cold in the 40s and 50s. Finally a couple of days before they left the weather got much better in the low 60s & 70s.

We took them to both Mt. Lemon and Sabino Canyon, Dave & I were surprised at what we saw at both places.

Here are some pictures of when Dave & I were at Mt. Lemon in November.

There was only us and a few other people here at Summerhaven , on the top of Mt. Lemon. Because at 9,000ft. the weather was cold at 50 degrees. 50 degrees is cold when you have shorts on.

The weather got cold here in the 40s and since it’s always much colder at Summerhaven, we were surprised at what we saw!

Pictures of Jennifer & Doug and me & Dave at Summerhaven.

Definitely hard to go down a hill like this.

Before we came to AZ we didn’t know it snowed here. On the drive up to the top of Mt. Lemon we noticed a bunch of cars going up the mountain too. We didn’t know why so many people were going there. We thought they all can’t be skiing if there was snow. We didn’t see the snow until we very close to the top where it’s the coldest and there it was snow in all it’s glory! People were all up here taking advantage of the snow. People were finding areas they could get into where there was snow and they had sleds or saucers going down hills with them and only going about three or four feet. It was fun watching them as we couldn’t believe so many people were there enjoying what little space they could find. We were saying man these people don’t know what it’s like to go sailing down a real hill like back in Western New York.

Same with Sabino Canyon, here are some pics of Dave & me in the beginning of November.

Pictures of us four in January

Everywhere we’ve been in the West it’s all been dry, even in the nooks and crannies, so we were both shocked and happy to see all the water that came in from the mountains. When it rains in AZ it’s not enough to really help, so snow is a good thing. When Dave & I were here we only saw this one small area of water so we were shocked to see all the water now. We never know what to expect in Arizona.

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