We found a really cool diner called Little Anthony’s

It’s were the hip crowd gathers and have a bash, heck even the squares hang out here.

Little Anthony’s Diner is a fun 50’s themed restaurant at Broadway and Kolb in East Tucson. The diner features sparkly red seats, checkered floors, and servers in costume. Not just limited to a simple meal experience, Little Anthony’s also hosts a DJ on the weekend to take requests of classic hits from the golden era of the diner, as well as host music and pop culture trivia and they also have live bands. Every other Saturday, the tall fins and the pointed side-view mirrors roll into the parking lot when the diner hosts its classic car show. Dave & I ate here last week, the food is really good, we are definitely going back to check out this cool gig.

Come on Daddy-O you will really dig this cool place where all the cool cats hang.

This week we checked out historic 4th Avenue

This section became popular in the 1920s when a family had a market here, soon everyone started to come to this area and sell whatever goods they had to sell, It was known as the city.   This lasted into the 50s when they started to build in the area that is now The City of Tucson.

The Thrift Shop was mostly had customs that looked like they were worn by actors. Some old some new, it was a neat store and a great place if you needed a costume.

A few of the murals that are on 4th.

Now local artisans and boutiques offer selections of vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, artwork, antiques, handcrafted and imported wares, hard-to-find books, and anything else you might want to look for.  We had fun going into the shops and we bought some souvenirs. 

Some of the cities best-loved eateries are here on Fourth, from old-school Mexican spots and classic pizza joints to gluttonous burger joints and straight-forward sandwich shops and a famous Italian restaurant.  We didn’t eat here but we’ll come back and check it out.

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