We got a surprise in Tucson this morning

When you think of Arizona you think of the beautiful scenery and the hot temperatures

We woke up to see . . .

Not just a dusting but about 3 inches.

These three pictures were taken out our RV’s window. We didn’t think to bring a snow brush or scrapper.

Across the street where we walked last weekend when the weather was in the 70’s.

Have you ever seen a picture of a Saguaro or palm trees with snow on them.

Snow on Mt. Lemon, I know their happy to get the snow for the skiers and the people who try to go sledding.

The snow around the RV park.

Everyone is telling us it’s very rare in Arizona to get snow, it’s already melted, and this weekend it will be in the 70s!!

They did close the schools and some government offices. There wasn’t any snow on the ground because it’s to hot, so everyone was driving ok. Glad it wasn’t icy.

While driving around we saw some people actually throwing snow at each other. Nobody told them your suppose to make the snow into a snowball first… it was funny

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