Rock Art Trail

Across the street from Voyager is a lot of trails you can take in the desert. We went on the Rock Art trail and saw some great Rock Art.

Cow Boy on a horse

The path you take has stones showing you the way

Half Moon / Bow Tie

An old Indian art is a creature from the American Indians, they are described as part human and part bird.

Bobcat / Modern Art

Deer / Dinosaur

Roadrunner / Indian lady

Bird / Heart

Snake / The snake’s rattler

Man / Coyote

Arrow / Indian playing the flute

Sun /

Saguaro Cactus


State of Oregon

Antelope / Indian Design


Snow on the top of the mountains, 9,000 ft. above sea level

Symbol of a male / Symbol of a female


Voyager had a quilt show in the ballroom so we went to check it out.

I haven’t been to a lot of quilt shows but this one really impressed me so I took pictures to share.

These two quilts have Arizona all over them.

This quilt makes you thirsty

This quilt would look great in a big room with a wall to hang it up.

One of my favorites

Two of my favorites

This quilt is extra special because she had to sew the flowers on too.

I never made a quilt but I can appreciate all the work and time that goes into making one, but the results are incredible.

4 thoughts on “Rock Art Trail

  1. ginswim

    So glad you both are having the time of your life! Melissa, I’m glad you are feeling better. Tell Dave to pick up the dog poop! 🫣
    We love you guys ❤️

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