We are now at Cedar Key RV Resort. We got here Friday afternoon. It was a 68 mile trip from Rainbow Springs. The resort is 7 miles from Cedar Key Florida, why they call it Cedar Key I don’t know. It actually is in a place called Sumner, it’s not even on a map and is less than a one horse town with a broken leg.  It’s a cross-road actually with a gas station and two Rv parks next to each other. There is also only one road leading into Cedar key from the interior of Florida. The park is pretty nice with pretty big sites. A lot of people we have met come here in December and leave in early April, how they found this area is beyond me. Our spot is on a corner, and all sites are concrete which is nice. There are a bunch of live oak trees here and with the Spanish moss on them they look really neat. We will be here two weeks, and soon be exploring Cedar key itself and some of the surrounding area.IMG_0379




Spanish moss-covered live oak tree


We did take one hike to a cemetery in cedar key ,which had an old cemetery ,a boardwalk trail,  a disc golf course and exercise area all in one. Go figure.





The boardwalk looking out to Cedar Key.


The boardwalk out into the marshs


Melissa doing her exercises.



2 thoughts on “CEDAR KEY RV RESORT

  1. Sandy

    Wow. A cemetery with personality! Thought Bill and I were the only ones to tour cemeteries. Titanic cemetery in Nova Scotia) , in Puerto Rico (very cool), in Hawaii (punch bowl cemetery) , in New Orleans (st Louis cemetery), etc. enjoy your stay!

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