Wednesday night, all us volunteers and 3 Park Rangers, A Total of 16 got together at our RV, to party hardy for Halloween. It was a lot of fun with a lot of food. Everyone brought a dish to pass or should I say dishes to pass. I put together some games and we all got some good laughs, and got to know each other better. By 9 pm it was all over, most of us including Dave & I had to go to work Friday, the next day.


COCONUTS ??  Dan got some, drilled them out and poured the water (juice) into containers. Then Dave & Dan cut them in half with saws and scooped out the milky white coconut. This was all for making  fresh  pina coladas.  They were delicious and  couldn’t be any fresher.


This is the pina colada table complete with the blender and ice.




Dan was bar tender making the great pina coladas for everyone.


Dave and Lois posing.

IMG952019103195181901232Frank, Lois and us. They are from Ohio, also on there first work camping gig. As you can see Melissa is dressed up as a fork in the road.


Audrey and Lisa on the right. Lisa is a single workcamper and has been here before.


Audrey and Brian from New Hampshire. They are on there first work camping gig.



Mendy and Charles, from the deep south Atlanta Georgia. They have work camped here before.


Barb and Bill from Ohio, they are dressed up as snow birds Ha Ha.  They got The Best Dressed Halloween Certificate at the party. This is there first work camping gig.


Can you guess what Dan’s costume is?  Face Book,  he and Jackie are seasoned work campers for over 4 years, they have been here before. He used to be a drummer in a 80’s hair band that opened for Fog hat


FullSizeRender - 2019-11-03T095848.743

Elene, she is the park’s Volunteer specialist ,and the one we answer too.

FullSizeRender - 2019-11-03T100031.181

Jackie, with Lindsey, who is the park’s service specialist in the aquarium, which is in the visitor’s center.


Jackie and Lindsey.


This is Drew, who is a park service ranger, and one of the youngest


Brian, Frank, and Dagny Dave, chilling out. Great party fun had by all.




  1. Sandy

    How fun!!! I thought the fork in the road costume idea was great!! Very creative Melissa!! It would take me years to come up with a creative Halloween costume like that!! But I’m adding it to my to do list! 😉

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