We are now pretty settled into Gulf State park, which is in Gulf Shores Alabama, right along the Gulf of Mexico. This is our first time in good ole Alabamie. The campground itself is kind of in the middle of the park. The main campground road is almost two miles long, with eleven off shoot roads to other loops. All the spots are paved, have water, sewer and electric. There are 496 very large Rv spots here, way more than any state parks.  Also 10 big bathroom buildings about 40 x 60 feet. They remind me of a bunker, they are made of concrete with concrete roofs, I guess for the hurricanes here. Also a huge laundry building, and get this a huge POOL, yep a pool, never heard of one being in a state park. The main entrance is open 24 hours a day. Normally you can only stay at state parks for two weeks at a time. It is the same here except for November thru April, when you can stay as long as you want, and a lot of people do. We have started to explore the park, and will post on that next.

FullSizeRender - 2020-02-24T135229.270


Campground is in the middle, right above middle lake.


We have a nice 100 foot pull thru



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