Yep, We have the Rv back and it is not good news. Got a text yesterday from my contact at the shop, he said we are all set and we can pick it up about 3 or so. He also mentioned he would not be there and to talk to a guy named John, who had the paperwork. OH boy, excitement abounded, 17 days with out a real home.

When we got to the shop, the Rv was in the back lot, so we drove to it. When i got out,I knew right away there was going to be issues. Along the roof edge, i could see a lot of ripples, where it should be smooth. So, I climbed up the ladder to see the new roof, and my heart just sank to my stomach, all i could see was hundreds and hundreds of bubbles on the roof, some small and some very large. The roof did not stick to the new plywood. WHY, they bothched the job, that’s why. I got down and went right into the shop, some young guy tried to help me out but when i said the new roof looked like shit, he told me i needed to talk to that guy over there. So after waiting awhile he came out and i told him he needed to look at the roof, which we did. When he got up there, he said, how long has this been like this. I was a little confused, he didn’t even know HIS shop just put the roof on. We talked for a little while and he said for sure they would make it right. WHAT, for sure you will, i thought. He was a little lost for words for a while, (after all he is only the service manager!!!!)

Not only that but i pointed out a few other things that were not done, or were done and they looked terrible. When we got back into the office he looked at the paperwork and said, OH, right this is the one we just put the roof on Wednesday. WEDNESDAY, i thought you have had the rig for two weeks and the roof just got put on. Right away i could tell they totally dropped the ball on our work and rushed to get it all done. I said to him, what next, he said they will have to put a new roof on and if we could leave it. WHAT, i said we have been living in a shoe box for over two weeks and you want us to leave it. I told him we live in here full time and we have to take it, plus you are never going to get a new roof on in a few days. So we agreed that on Monday, we would all have a pow-wow to figure our next move. As i had already taken a few pictures he wanted me to E-mail them to him, to show the rep.

So, off i went to the rig, where Melissa was waiting, when i told here what was happening, I thought she was going to break down and cry, poor thing, we are both just exhausted from the last couple of weeks, and now this. I told her we were taking it, and that i had not signed over the two party check from the insurance company. As we started to hitch up, more issues, battery dead, so we had to hook up to shore power, to get the levelers working, after hitching up, i noticed the check wiring light was on. There was nothing i could do to fix it, i think because the battery was dead. We had no electric brakes on the Rv at all driving home. I have never been more nervous than i was doing that. Finally after a knuckle driving experience we got back to home base, got backed in and unhitched, plugged in and opened up the RV. I then proceeded to have a few drinks,(stiff one’s) and look over the rig top to bottom.

Over all i am very disappointed in there work and workmanship,(this is an understatement). It was rush job all the way, they had it in there bay for over two weeks and waited till the last minute to do the work. No one seemed to know what was happening, (Very evident talking to the service manager) The three slide toppers and part of the new lower metal trim, are all i can find as good work. Below is a list of stuff with all the pics

This is the NEW roof, it’s like that all over. My thought’s are they never rolled the roof with a heavy roller after glueing it down. Also the ne plywood below is also lifting, so that was not put down properly either. What a mess.

This is a dime size gouge in the kitchen floor by the stairs that we found. Above is one of the vent’s, i believe this is from the bottom foot of a step ladder. New floor or a fix job, who know’s yet.

Two nice chips in the paint and a scrape on the white moulding on the side of the front cap. Again, i think this was done by the top of a step ladder edge.

This is the back panel where the power reel is . Hard to see but there are three hail damage dent’s here, they never even did anything but chaulk the power reel cover?? The rest of the 35 feet metal they did looks good. I have no idea about this one.

This is the big bay door on the side they replaced the metal skirting, the frame and all had to come out, and after the skirting was put on the door reinstalled, it doesn’t shut, you have to lift it up over a half inch to shut it. WOW. Also to the right is the furnace cover that also had to come out and be put back in, the right side of it is right over the moulding and protruding out. That was not even put in right.

This one shows the lack of work man ship. This is the back top of the Rv. The right side corner piece is nice and at a 90 degree angle. The other side however is way off, but was put on anyway by a blind guy.

Bathroom fan ,vent, where is the screen.

This is the shower skylite, while they put a new skylite piece that goes over the roof, they never bothered to get all the little pieces that are laying around from the hail damage, inside the inner piece. Hard to see, but there there.

If that isn’t enough i don’t know what is, what a whirl wind of emotions the last few days. I know for me i have lost all faith in people taking any kind of pride in there work. While i was in the office, i could see the worker’s coming in and out of the shop, all young punks. Where do we go from here, not sure yet, about anything, Monday will have a better idea. I think there is a few more stiff drinks, in my near future.

7 thoughts on “THE RV IS BACK, THE RV IS BACK

  1. Wow…..I am so sorry to hear this. How disheartening. I can understand Why Melissa was distraught. Is there another repair place you can take it ? Obviously these people are in over their heads and abilities

  2. Bill McHenry

    Sorry to hear about this crap. I was hoping all the repairs worked out for you two. Sloppy, Sloppy, Sloppy. When they rip off that roof, all the wood underneath is going to splinter and also need to be replaced. If there is a silver lining, they will also need to remove the shower skylight which will give them an opportunity to vacuum out all the shards they left during the initial repair from the previous skylight.

    I wonder, with the mess that they made of your 5th wheel, if they would be willing to give you a brand new one for the trade-in of your existing unit, + the insurance check, + the cost of hotel, meals, aggravation (they should consider covering due to needing your unit additional time for repair).

    Also, send those pictures over to your insurance company. Get them in the loop. Maybe they will total it and give you replacement value. Let them go after the RV dealership for the additional loss

  3. Bill McHenry

    Another thought. Where is the Manufacture of your until located. Call their Customer Service. Send them the pictures. After all, this is one of their dealers workmanship. Let them put some pressure on the dealer. See what options they can provide. If the plant is somewhere reasonably close ask them if they will fix the damage for the insurance settlement. See what facilities, housing, time-frame they can offer.

  4. Bill McHenry

    Sorry, your pictures have me wound up. Monday if not satisfied by the Service Manager (who sounds like he/she truly wasn’t paying attention to your coach), ask for the New Sales Manager, and the owner to come sit down with you and review the pictures. Ask them their opinion of their teams workmanship. See if they will get you into a new unit for the offer I stated previously.

    After leaving if not satisfied I would call the Better Business Bureau and the NY state Attorney General.

  5. Bill McHenry

    PS. While meeting with them, put that wallet you have with the gold badge on the table with the badge facing up. Don’t say a word, just put it down so they can see it. Keep it out of reach from them but in their eye site. Doesn’t hurt to play a little poker at their expense 🙂

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